Brendan Coughlin has dreamed of being involved in real estate since his early days of childhood. He took that dream and turned it into a reality when he became a licensed agent in 2020. Growing up in Central Massachusetts and now living in Western Massachusetts, Brendan has been all over this great state expanding his knowledge of the industry and has developed an unrivaled knowledge of the areas that he deals in.

Being a real estate investor himself, Brendan understands the ins and outs of every deal and will work to make sure he gets the absolute best deal for every client that he works with. The network that he has access to will certainly take all of your real estate investments to the next level with truly end-to-end connections and solutions that cover any and all aspects of real estate.

Outside of real estate, Brendan is a Materials Manager at a manufacturing company. He is constantly negotiating prices and dealing with the ever-changing supply chain on a daily basis to make sure the job gets done.

Call Brendan today! You will be glad that you did!